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Same-Day Room Redecorating

A cost-effective way to get a great new look for your room, in one day, without any major purchases! What could be better? or more affordable?

How it works

Your Space Refined has been certified with the nationally renowned Interior Redecorators Network. This is a group of interior design professionals specially trained to work with the items your already have and create beautiful living spaces in a day. 

  1. You purchase a package depending on how many rooms you want to makeover.
  2. We come to your home and discuss what you want to accomplish and how you plan to live in the room. We involve as many family members as are present.
  3. On the spot, we create a written design plan detailing how we plan to arrange the room and providing additional suggestions for future enhancements to the space as time and budget permit.
  4. Then we get to work..rearranging the furniture (if possible), placing art and accessories, suggesting colors for walls, ideas for windows, flooring and furnishings for the future.
  5. When we leave you have your written design plan and your beautiful room - all in one day!

Examples of One Day Redecorating Projects

A Family Room Makeover

This room was never used because it was cluttered and functioned more as the teenager's game room. In a span of six hours we decluttered and rearranged, bringing in treasures from other areas of the house. Mouse over the image below to see the 'BEFORE' image. Wow! What a difference 6 hours can make!

(mouse over the image to see the BEFORE shot!)

Dining Room Turned Teen Room

This formal dining space was actually used as a computer/media/game room for a teenage son and his friends.  This presented some interesting interior design challenges. Mouse over to see the BEORE picture. Note: When the owner decides to move, the room will need to be staged again as a dining room for the prospective buyer.

(mouse over the image to see the BEFORE shot!)

A Living Room Re-done

This living room was not making optimal use of the beautiful space and had too much furniture that could be better placed.

We did all this, even the green painting in 6 hours!  We removed the curtains to give it a lighter, contemporary look.

View 1

View 2